Elizabeth spent over 15 years working as Creative Director/Copywriter and Content Strategist for advertising agencies including TBWA/Chiat Day, BBDO and Ogilvy, both on the east and west coasts. Along the way she also performed stand up comedy, made a documentary, launched a website for tweens and created branded / digital content for television networks, book publishers, tech companies and financial service companies such as MTV, CBS, Charles Schwab and Google.  Throughout most of that time, Leslie Kay was the Recruiter to whom she turned when looking for her next advertising gig.

While agency names, clients needs and creative job requirements changed from day to day, the one thing that remained constant was Leslie Kay’s ability to help guide her career and connect her with the best roles in the industry.

After years of working 24/7 with some of the best and brightest creative thinkers in advertising today — on every brand category, across every type of media touch-point, at every size and type of ad agency out there—she was tired.  And then it hit her.  All those years of working as a freelance copywriter in creative departments coast to coast and recommending former coworkers for jobs had given her an unusually large network of colleagues who would respond to her emails. Not to mention an insider’s knowledge of ad agency culture, creative department needs and marketing manager’s wants. Uniquely preparing her for the role she’s been unconsciously working toward her whole career… recruiter and talent manager.

After much persuading, she convinced Leslie and Hillary to let her show them what she could do. Once given the opportunity to represent and recruit talent, there was no stopping her.  She applied the same tenacity to finding great creative as she had to being one. Within a short amount of time, she had helped place a GCD at a top agency, introduced Kay & Black to great new talent and opened the door to agencies they had yet to encounter.

In the fall of 2014, Elizabeth joined Kay & Black full time.  Based in California, she now spends her days reaching out to former colleagues, talented friends and a gigantic social network of creative experts, connecting great people with new opportunities and agencies clients with exceptional talent.

Elizabeth still continues to write stories and scripts on the side. She also enjoys art, and spends every opportunity she can on the water in San Francisco, sailing, stand up paddle-boarding, kayaking or swimming in the Bay.