Caitlin was born in sunny Florida, but moved to Tennessee in her teens where she developed a southern charm that helps her when working with talent. Growing up, Caitlin fed her imagination with ballet and creative writing. She dreamed of becoming the next Margot Fonteyn, a classical ballerina, who also juggled a writing career, but one day Caitlin woke up and set her sights on advertising.

Caitlin dove headfirst into the world of advertising while at the University of Tennessee when she and handful of students created a one-day music and arts festival from the ground up in just eight short weeks. The festival saw over 800 attendees and surpassed its fundraising goal for the Knoxville chapter of Nourish International, which aids women in third world countries. What started as a fun project left Caitlin with a distinct desire to make communications and event planning a part of her daily life.

Before graduating from UT, Caitlin interned at a digital media agency where she managed the company’s social accounts and spearheaded a national book tour. Caitlin returned from New York with a reinvigorated wonderment for the mystifying advertising world. During that summer, Caitlin found solace in marathon-watching six seasons of Mad Men. As a result, she credits some of her love for the industry to Don Draper and Peggy Olson.

Shortly after graduation Caitlin packed her bags and headed back to New York. She now works as Kay & Black’s Talent Coordinator and Community Manager. Caitlin can be found sifting through portfolios, engrossed in social media, or keeping the office’s schedule painstakingly organized. When she’s not at work, Caitlin enjoys dressing her cat in tutus, discovering coveted Brooklyn latte art, or stretching her legs with a newfound love for running.